Food & Fibre Gippsland recognises the opportunities for Gippsland SME’s to better respond to the demands of global markets and under the experienced direction of Project Manager David Grimmond, it is implementing the Gippsland Connect project that will-:

• Support participating Gippsland agrifood SMEs (20 businesses expected) improve their capabilities, increase exports and support business/industry growth.

• Develop and implement a collaborative targeted export strategy which connects Gippsland agrifood sector capabilities with export market demands. The strategy will include the identification of emerging needs of key export markets to inform and facilitate commercially focused industry-research collaboration to address those needs. The strategy will be reviewed annually.

• Provide market intelligence about export opportunities and facilitation of opportunities for participating SMEs to access select global supply chains. A particular emphasis will be on access to collaborative online trading platforms and logistics systems that make exporting easier.

• Reflect the diversity of Gippsland and will include a focus on SMEs with niche/premium products from dairy, seafood, vegetables, and meat products (fresh and value-added), as well as craft beer and wines.

The Gippsland Connect project is aligned with national and Victorian export strategies.

There are still places available for businesses to be part this program. If you would like to know more, or talk about joining the 17 businesses already committed, please email the Gippsland Connect Project Manager, David Grimmond -

It is intended that the Gippsland Connect project could provide:

• Introduction to networks required for export

• Market trends and expected growth in targeted markets

• Identify the key areas affecting imported product price points and including legislated barriers to trade

• Provide a recommended supply/demand model

• Identify and link exporters with preferred organised retailers and wholesalers

• Provide appropriate assistance for Gippsland products with appropriate Gippsland Brand development

• Identify products with Comparative or Competitive advantages in target markets