Current Projects

Food & Fibre Gippsland has a number of key projects currently underway, with a range of others in the pipeline.

Here is snapshot of what we are doing, and who we are collaborating with:

Food Innovation Australia (FIAL)

Sustainably growing the agrifood sector of Gippsland

This project involves the delivery of a suite of projects/initiatives to support a vibrant agrifood system in Gippsland

This project with FIAL is ongoing through to 2021


UPDATE - VEgNET Gippsland is set to extend for another 10 months to February 2020 - more details coming soon !

It’s been three years since the launch of the National Vegetable Extension network which aims to effectively extend important research based information to growers.

The project to build capacity in vegetable businesses across Gippsland has been a pivotal part of a renaissance in the origins of food and fibre.

VegNet Gippsland has achieved success well beyond the VegNet project parameters because Gippsland growers care not only about their levy paying neighbours, but all those along the value chain. Levy payers of today and tomorrow have been involved in events, taken part in training and proactively networked because they know “we are all in this together.“

VegNet Gippsland has actively supported diversity and inclusion, most notably through the Gippsland Women in Horticulture Conferences in 2017 and 2018, where women shared knowledge, developed skills and gained new experiences to support their increasing and active participation along the supply chain.

An indelible footprint has been stamped in Gippsland by the VegNET initiative, and it is hoped that industry leaders celebrate its success and build the VegNET brand for every grower in Australia in the interests of a prosperous, passionate industry that is ready for the future.


This program connects job seekers with employment opportunities in agrifood sector and beyond, and aims to secure sustained employment for job seekers across the region through a combination of training, mentoring support and industry experiences and placements.

It consolidates all Victorian employment services into one system, making it easier for job seekers to access the help they need to get work. The aim is that jobseekers will benefit from a more coordinated and streamlined approach that not only increases work readiness but also results in sustainable employment.

Through GRAEP, job seekers are able to undertake pre-employment training, such as a programme known as ‘New Horizons – Growing Futures in Food’.
It builds workforce capability through important layers of support – including post-employment training and evaluation.

To read more about the programme and connect with the Programme Manager - [head here ](

This project is financially supported by Jobs Victoria Employment Network and is ongoing through to 2020.

Regional Skills Fund – GIPPYAg

An exciting project managed by Food & Fibre Gippsland and CQ University Australia, GippyAg has a primary aim of establishing partnerships between education and the food& fibre industry.
The project is engaging with schools, teachers and students across Gippsland, and is working to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the sector’s importance in the region, and expand the mindset of what career opportunities there are in food and fibre.

Headed up by Dr Amy Cosby, this project provides innovative programs to increase the skills and knowledge of students and teachers in agri-tech. Amy is a researcher and practitioner and she has developed and implemented a range of professional learning opportunities for educators to build their capacity to delivery curriculum aligned agri-tech learning modules to students.

The modules aim to showcase the scientific and digital skills that are needed in the agricultural industry to attract the next generation workforce, so its implementation is also supporting ‘workforce planning’ capabilities across Gippsland agrifood sector. The modules explore a number of capabilities and key learning areas, including visual communication design, critical and creative thinking, design technology, mathematics, science and digital technologies.

To find out more or to inquire about participating in this project please contact Dr Amy Cosby –

Funded by the Victorian Government Regional Skills Fund, this project is due for completion in Dec 2019


Gippsland Regional Partnerships, together with Regional Development Victoria has supported the preparation of a discussion paper by KPMG that will set aspirational growth targets Gippsland’s Food and Fibre Industry.
“Accelerating Growth for Gippsland’s Food and Fibre Industry” proposes strategic capability platforms for building on to existing regional strengths and initiatives, and supports the identification of further opportunities to sustainably grow Gippsland's $7bn food and fibre sector.

The capability platforms include: positioning food & fibre as the backbone of Gippsland’s economy, transforming the sector’s innovation ecosystems, developing future industries, connecting Gippsland, sustainable energy, land use and water as well as attracting and cultivating talent and leadership for the industry.

Click here to download a copy of the discussion paper

The next stage will be a new project in which engagement and workshops will occur so that actions can be formed for the six capability platforms.


A great example of developing new capabilities to support the sector, this project is a partnership with Telstra that has been sponsored by the Latrobe Valley Authority and it is supporting five Gippsland producers with digital solutions for their businesses.
These include Gippsland Natural, Gippsland Jersey, Toms Cap Wines, Maffra Cheese and Sailors Grave Brewing.

Under finalisation – the opportunities for alignment and integration of outcomes into current and future projects currently being explored.