News Article


   Monday 26th October, 2020

The food and fibre stream of the Gippsland Smart Specialisation Strategy is forging ahead with its three projects:

  • High-Tech Vegetable Waste Processing Facility
  • Collective Craft Malting Facility
  • Online Trading Platform.

Stakeholder feedback on each project pointed towards the need for some further exploration and data gathering to provide an informed way forward.

This process has been underway with the assistance of consultants and universities over the last months, and it is pleasing that October has seen the completion, or near completion, of a number of these works.

An in-depth demand study for Gippsland malt is hot off the press from Federation University, assisted by a number of industry experts.

This demand study contributes to the body of knowledge around the Collective Craft Malting Facility, and lays out a number of considerations for the project's future.

These considerations will be collaboratively presented to a group of the project's stakeholders, with decisions to be made about next steps to follow.

Pre-feasibility work on the High-Tech Vegetable Waste Processing Facility is nearing its completion, with Food & Fibre Gippsland expecting a final report detailing the investment logic behind establishing such a facility; the regional supply of vegetable waste; and the markets for potential outputs in the coming weeks.

Currently in draft form, this work was undertaken in response to questions that project stakeholders posed about the quantity of horticultural waste within the Gippsland region, and the financial metrics underpinning such a project.

The Online Trading Platform project will soon host a small, targeted workshop with stakeholders to determine the features, requirements and branding considerations associated with the platform.

Online trading platforms have become quite prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many producers moving online to reach their markets. Some marketplaces and online platforms, however, don't yet have the required support or features to allow certain commodities to be safely traded.

The Gippsland Regional Online Trading Platform project will aim to unearth these considerations and either incorporate them into a new offering, or work collaboratively with existing marketplace providers and government to improve their offerings with our stakeholders' input.

The GS3 continues to invite input from interested parties, and invites anyone who would like to learn more about the projects to contact Project Manager Ben Gebert on 0418 772 691 or click here to email Ben.