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See how The Netherlands excel in Agribusiness

   Thursday 16th May, 2019

Gippsland food and fibre businesses are invited to join the 2019 KPMG Agri-Food Traction Tour to The Netherlands and Benelux.

The tour will be focussing on leading edge Agri-Food Tech, Internet of Things and circular economy initiatives.

The Traction program is designed to help executives of Australian agri-food organisations connect and engage with leading innovators and institutions that are developing disruptive technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution that have enabled The Netherlands to become a globally recognised leader in the agri-food sector.

• Witness first-hand how a country two-thirds the size of Tasmania manages to export three times more agri-food than the whole of Australia

• Understand why agri-food export earnings per hectare in the Netherlands are $83,300 versus Australia $109 (810 times more than Australia)

• Learn how it is that Australia has 185 times more land mass and 249 times more productive agriculture land, and yet the Netherlands exports $158 billion agri-foods per year making them #2 in the world

• See how the Netherlands has embraced IoT and unlocked on-farm data by deploying a nationwide LoRaWAN communication network that is helping to digitally transform the sector

This in-market program has been designed in collaboration with agri-food and Industry 4.0 specialists from The Netherlands Embassy, AgFunder Inc and KPMG.

There will be visits to the world first Floating dairy farm, a Robotic dairy farm, the World Horti Centre, Smart Agri hubs EU, Internet of Farms EU program, The Things Network, Amsterdam’s IoT Living Lab, as well as visits to leading agri-food precincts.

This tour will be co-led by Ben van Delden, KPMG Australia’s Head of AgriFood Tech, Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia’s Head of the Internet of Things and Michael Dean, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of AgFunder Inc, and promises to excite and ignite new thinking in agri-food innovation that will drive real opportunities for growth in Australian agriculture.

The program is designed for senior executives from the public and private sectors seeking to see and advance business opportunities and all delegates are invited to contribute to the tour program refinement to ensure that it meets their objectives.

Here is what delegates from the 2018 Traction tour had to say:

“I valued the tour because of the perspectives I received from the scale of operations in Holland and the use of agri tech in achieving that scale.”

“Accelerated my understanding of best practice agri tech, implications and practical applications for our organisation. It also helped me build a new international network.”

“The KPMG Netherlands team were great - flexible and responsive. KPMG Australia team were very professional and supportive of team and individual learning.”

“Practical applications of technology today and vision for how these will develop in mid-term future”

“Quality of companies/sites visited, high quality participants, internal discussions about future initiatives in Australia, high relevance to future plans of my company, excellent organisation by local team”

If you would like to attend, please contact Nicola Dossis at KPMG - to register your interest and secure your place on the tour.