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Meet the Finalists - X-Cheque

   Friday 20th November, 2020

X-Cheque is an innovative software development business being run by farmers to make the lives of other farmers easier. They build world class dairy business software, from custom farm applications to off-the-shelf solution.

The company MD, Dr Jon Hauser is a data modelling expert, with his many years experience in dairy and other agricultural industries providing the leadership and expertise at the core of Xcheque's business. His knowledge of the whole supply chain from farm to market, is combined with a passion for new technology and clear communication.

Son David Hauser is responsible for the forward/customer-facing design aspects of X- Cheque’s apps. The team’s software offerings include the widely-known Dairybase, a highly-sophisticated, integrated farm management tool that has gained an international reputation, and more recently, the OurFarm app.

The OurFarm app was designed to cover 90% of the data modelling available through DairyBase, with just a 10-minute setup time. This tool is a highly valuable asset to any farmer wishing to make data informed decisions on how to maximise their farm’s efficiency.

The software development capabilities demonstrated by Jon and David, culminating in a highly valuable decision-making tool for farmers of all persuasions, impressed the 2020 Excellence Awards judges and resulted in the business being named one of three finalists in the Excellence in Service to the Food & Fibre Industry, sponsored by Agriculture Victoria.

Tested by one of the judges who has extensive on farm experience, the OurFarm app (if widely adopted) could assist farmers not only in their own decision making, but to sense-check their decisions about expansion / operations with their bank; service providers; consultants etc.

There is nothing else like OurFarm in the current marketplace.

Supporting farmers is Jon’s passion, having previously worked with Burra Foods in a role where he was responsible for farm recruitment.

He sums up what he believes to be the benefits of the OurFarm App

“Accuracy vs precision: accountants need precision, farmers need accuracy. The phone app will give you accuracy”

Jon travels to Germany every year to meet with leading country dairy economists at the IFCN. IFCN has been conducting data gathering on excel spreadsheets worldwide for 20 years.

One of the driving factors for creating this technology was to create something far more interactive than excel.

The next steps for X-Cheque is to engage with someone who will take the OurFarm app to market and they’re also looking to establish partnerships with banks, Dairy Australia and others to market program.