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Meet the Finalists - Victoria Green

   Wednesday 4th November, 2020

The name Victoria Green deservedly appears in two finalist lists for the 2020 Excellence in Agribusiness Awards: Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year and a new award for this year, Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year.

Victoria has three different, but complementary, roles in the region:

  • Founder of Gippsland Young Professionals
  • Founder / Manager of Bacchus Beef
  • Agribusiness Executive at the Commonwealth Bank.

Victoria has shown her courage and leadership ability in developing Bacchus Beef, a thriving micro enterprise selling packaged grass-fed beef at a premium price direct from a farm in Tonimbuk, in the Baw Baw Shire.

Victoria identified the need for selling her parent’s beef products direct to consumers due to the penalty they were paying the market for not having pure Black Angus cattle.

Through research, and discussions with consumers, she developed the Bacchus Beef business around transparency. Using information, she had acquired from MLA and other sources, she promoted her beef as having health benefits due to the beef being grass fed and farmed in a sustainable manner, with considerations for animal health and welfare.

Over the past 5 years, Victoria has grown the business from supplying friends to supplying a small market in Melbourne.

Throughout the process, she has continued to use local butchers and contributed to promoting the local agribusiness.
Victoria identified leadership development as one of the key platforms for developing a vibrant food & fibre sector in the region.

In 2019, she founded the Gippsland Young Professionals Group, providing young professionals in the Baw Baw Shire and Latrobe Valley region the opportunity to come together and network with likeminded people that have similar career aspirations.

Members in this group range from those who have “start-ups” and are running their own businesses to those who are working in professional industries across Gippsland.

Victoria has led development and delivery of skill building workshops in media and on-line marketing for the Gippsland Young Professionals Group.
Feedback from these sessions has helped identify key emerging issues for Gippsland’s young leaders and priorities for future sessions.

To continuously build the size and diversity of the region’s young leader networks Victoria has been active in connecting with other groups like the Gippsland Young Dairy Network. She hopes to further develop the group through creating a network of mentors for young professionals.

Victoria currently works for the Commonwealth Bank as an Agribusiness Executive, where her leadership skills and experience with agribusiness has allowed her to be promoted quickly.
Currently she supports farmers and business owners to further understand their cash flow needs and help them to achieve their goals and operate successful businesses.

Running a small business and being involved in the industry herself allows Victoria to better understand her customers’ needs and help them to understand what finance products and facilities are available to them to take the next step in developing their business.

Victoria has real strength and a natural expertise in being able to meet people where they are and take them on a journey.

Discussions with Kate Wallis, Victoria’s Manager, revealed that she is exceptional at her role.
Victoria has recently been working with her new mentor at the bank, who oversees “banking innovation” and together they are discussing policy changes that impact agribusiness.

Victoria’s work is focused on climate change and water use and she is working to determine what data is needed for agribusinesses to adapt and become more resilient as the climate changes.

Kate described Victoria as a self-starter, an influencer and willing to take on new challenges.
Victoria has actively mentored and coached others through her role at Commonwealth Bank and through Gippsland Young Professionals Group.

It is clear Victoria is an exceptional leader and will continue to grow into her leadership roles.
The winner of the Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year will be awarded a place in the Women in Leadership Program, a prize valued at $6,000 generously supplied by Leadership Victoria.

The Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year also attracts an awesome prize, through category sponsor for the second year running, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. This prize is a place in their course TRAIL – Emerging Leaders Leadership Program – valued at $10,450.