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Meet the Finalists - Tonemade

   Monday 16th November, 2020

More than a modern trend, bone broth is a real food staple that has been valued through the annals of time, providing restorative, healing properties and valuable nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle.

Tonemade founders, Felicity and Tony, established their Inverloch business in 2016 and are passionate about their product and the health benefits associated with their bone broth offering.

Tonemade is a wonderful example of a small business idea that has seen positive growth and earnt them a place on the finalists list of the Excellence in Agribusiness Awards in the Small Food & Drink Manufacturing category.

Based on the beautiful South Gippsland Coast, they believe in the concept of ‘food is medicine’. Their dual passions around real food and well-being form the foundation of their business. Trialing their product initially at Farmers Markets’ provided them with invaluable feedback and enabled them to modify and perfect their product offering and range. They still engage in this one-on-one interaction and have a strong focus on educating customers about the benefits of their product.

Quality ingredients and a long, slow simmering process creates the nutrient density and healing properties of bone broth. The collagen of the bones, ligaments and cartilage is broken down to form gelatin, which confers many of the health benefits of bone broth. Bone broth also provides essential minerals, including electrolytes, in forms that are easily absorbed; calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and other trace minerals that are all important for supporting healthy circulation, neural functioning and digestion.

Containing only real food ingredients their broths are simmered for 48 hrs (Beef) and 30 hrs (Chicken) to ensure that they are enriched with healing compounds. Their vegetable miso broth includes agar agar to support digestion and provide an anti-inflammatory benefit.

With dedicated time and patience, they also dehydrate their broths for 18 hours to create a readily absorbed source of minerals and amino acids in a versatile and convenient powder, easily reconstituted to create a nutritious liquid gold!

The nutritional profiling attests to the nutrient density and medicinal ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger not only add to the potential healing properties but contribute to the delicious result.

Due to the upheaval of Covid19, their presence at Farmers’ Markets has been limited this year but like many small businesses they have adapted their focus and pivoted their energy to expand online sales.

This has worked well as their business model was already focusing on direct sales to consumers as traditional distribution channels often take a large scoop of the margin. It also allows Felicity and Tony to have direct communication with their consumers, something they are very good at with the niche market consumers clearly responding well to this incredible customer service.

Their organic product is in demand and as their sale volumes grow, they are increasing production. They are installing a new dehydrator which will enable them to increase through-put and are working on new products to expand their range and launch in the near future.

Felicity and Tony have impressed the judges of the Excellence in Agribusiness Awards with their passion and broth product – “they have a sound platform in a professionally installed manufacturing facility. They have great practices and procedures, strong online presence with extensive support material, educational blogs, recipes and cooking videos. They also have a fantastic handle on how to connect with their markets and customers which will see this business grow and reach full potential.”

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The winners of the Excellence in Agribusiness Awards will be announced online, 20th November 2020, 6pm.