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Meet the Finalists - South Gippsland Dairy

   Monday 16th November, 2020

Located in the lush, green pristine rolling hills of South Gippsland in regional Victoria, South Gippsland Dairy is producing premium quality 100% Australian made Bio Colostrum.

A family owned business started by the Walker and Evans families, it all began with the collection of colostrum from the Walker’s own dairy herd of between 180 and 200 cows.

With a career history in dairy deeply connected to process and design, Campbell Evans, together his wife Krista, Neil and Shelley Walker, started developing a pilot manufacturing plant in 2016.

The manufacturing plant was built in Gippsland and is now well established, so Campbell and Krista take care of operations and quality, while Neil and wife Shelley are responsible for colostrum production on farm and the marketing, sales, and administration side of the business.

The quality of their product, their attention to detail and the passion they have for their product has landed them spots in two awards ; Excellence in Entrepreneurship, sponsored by Commonwealth Bank and Excellence in Research and Development sponsored by Federation University

To create a premium product, they’ve partnered with world class research facilities, including CSIRO, to test and develop their superior bovine bio colostrum products. A mark of their attention to detail is that every production run can be traced back to the source farm, right down to the individual cow.

The South Gippsland Dairy team has found niche market where bigger players don’t operate, as most colostrum is manufactured to be used as an ingredient, with the USA and New Zealand being the biggest producers. Their focus is on value-add target markets where consumers are looking to improve gut health and general immunity.

The range of products currently includes Colostrum Powder, Capsules, Sachets and Soap, with most sales being online. The number of local retail outlets in Gippsland and beyond is also continuing to build.

Being produced in a region known for its clean, green environment, the bio colostrum range is attracting customers from overseas with online sales to the USA, France, Korea and Singapore. Vietnam is also an emerging market, along with growing interest from countries like China, however the team is conscious of managing market perceptions with their current capacity to supply and fulfill large orders.

As interest increases and more customers create larger volume demands, they plan to source more colostrum from local Gippsland farmers with the same dairy management practices as they use with their own herd.

From the outset, both families have been very focused on direct to consumer sales, having identified a “white space” where they can fit in and be very competitive.

With PR and marketing led by Marketing Director, Shelley, the business is very focused on telling and selling their product attributes, and their provenance story, particularly highlighting their solid traceability system that bar codes every batch.

The entrepreneurship in this business is a great example of taking on a product that has been around for many years but no one in Australia has been able to create a sustainable business model that can compete with bigger organisations and overcome the difficulties of ensuring supply of a quality product.

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