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Meet the Finalists - Little Bumble Wraps

   Wednesday 11th November, 2020

Little Bumble Wraps save time and hard-earned money by keeping food fresher for longer, which means smaller grocery bills and less shopping trips, not to mention the environmental impacts of reducing plastic pollution and providing a healthier food storage alternative for households.

What began in Laura Eddington’s kitchen as a project to find a more sustainable alternative to plastic wrap whilst she was on maternity leave has grown to a thriving business with its own warehouse, employing a small team of local women in Warragul, in Gippsland’s Baw Baw Shire.

Prior to COVID, 75% of Little Bumble Wrap sales were at Farmers’ Markets.
With restrictions on markets and the ongoing prospect of very limited trading opportunities, the business had to pivot fast.

Laura and the Little Bumble team quickly developed a strategy to move more product online, with the use of social influencers proving to be an integral part of their success, and the positive game changer in driving the rapid growth that the business has experienced throughout 2020.

Online sales have increased by over 300% since March 2020.

Little Bumble currently has around 100 stockists and has also begun exporting to Singapore.

As well as driving significant business growth, Laura's vision combined with the passion of her team, has secured them in a spot in the finalist list for the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank.

And in true entrepreneurial fashion in the middle of a global pandemic, the business also pivoted its product line by launching two new products which include heat proof silicone packaging and wool dryables, a product that is used in clothes dryers for more efficient drying, reduced drying time and energy costs.

Founder and Queen Bee Laura prides herself in knowing her target market very well and right now, it is predominantly young to middle age women. She is in her target market, and is confident her products are providing solutions to problems women in this demographic face.

Little Bumble Wraps allow food to breath, act as a natural cover and reduce moisture build up.

A qualified science teacher with an expertise in food and agriculture, Laura has developed a unique wax formula to create an antibacterial wrap and has been rated by Choice magazine as the “Food Wrap Stars”.

Laura is protective of her company stands for, so whilst she is ambitious about expansion, she doesn’t believe her values on sustainability and minimising waste align with large retail organisations, so her growth strategy is focussed on niche markets and customers.

She’s also developing further export opportunities through her participation in the Gippsland Connect Program, an initiative supporting export ready (or near export ready) Gippsland businesses to tap into new overseas markets.

Little Bumble is in the process of scaling up with a new waxing machine that will enable them to increase production whilst reducing labour costs.

Every member of the team takes the time to explain the value proposition to their customers, but their data and feedback tells them that once a customer has purchased once, they tend to return for further purchases.

Laura’s business strategy and growth plans impressed the Excellence in Agribusiness Awards judging panel who noted that her entrepreneurship skills came to the fore during Covid as she pivoted her business model and product line very rapidly, including developing a partnership with Aus-Made for online trading.

Passionate about her staff, Queen Bee Laura pro-actively supports her team and has provided ongoing training as the business engages with more digital technology.

They really are busy bees at Little Bumble!