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Meet the Finalists - Greenham Gippsland

   Tuesday 17th November, 2020

Greenham is a 100% Australian owned family company who for six generations have purchased livestock from thousands of Australian suppliers.

For over 120 years Greenham has been a significant player the Australian domestic and export meat industry. Over this period the business has developed a hard earned reputation for quality and food safety.

Their producer and processing systems are accredited by Australian Federal and State authorities, international organisations like the British Retail Consortium Global Standards, the US Department of Agriculture and domestic retailers like Woolworths.

These third party audits include animal welfare, certified humane production, non GMO, hazard analysis and critical control points of food safety, meat quality standards, product traceability and Halal Accreditation.

In 2012 Greenham responded to customer preferences that were pushing towards animal proteins that were as ‘natural’ as possible. The Greenham Never Ever Beef program was established to source, certify and promote premium quality natural grass-fed beef from producers across Southern Australia. The initial program was developed in Tasmania in 2013 and in 2017 a processing plant at Moe was purchased to significantly extend that program.

Greenham Gippsland Never Ever customers are largely export based, primarily in the US market.

On acquisition, production levels of the Gippsland facility were 120 head/day. The plant was refurbished in the first half of 2018 and upon reopening in June 2018, throughput increased to 250 head per day. This has now grown to 380 head per day today with the vast majority of these cattle being sourced through the Never Ever program. Further renovations and upgrades to the facility are currently underway.

Greenham Gippsland will employ 240 team members at the conclusion of these upgrades and production will increase to 500 head a day by late 2020. This is a production increase of 76% in the span of 3 years.

The export customer base is integral to the growth of the program, making up over 85% of current sales. Greenham’s brands and products are found on the menus of Australia's leading restaurants and exported to established customers in over twenty countries including the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Svante Johansson is President and CEO of Think Culinary in the USA. The company has grown over the last four years with the business model focused on supporting suppliers of high quality specialty products and proteins into the Southern California market-place.

Svante said “Greenham have a unique product offering. They have the capacity to provide our market with an ample supply of premium quality pasture raised beef. Greenham is also a trailblazer in promoting independently accredited sustainable livestock farming as well as humane animal care. Our US customers respond strongly to these attributes and we are proud to market and sell Greenham Gippsland beef to these discerning customers.”

The company has a strong focus on supporting beef and dairy producers in Gippsland with a reliable local operator to process their stock. Furthermore, the plant is a secure job environment for abattoir workers as the business expands capacity and production.

The plant processes a combination of cows, bulls and premium cattle sourced from the best regions in Southern Australia.