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   Wednesday 22nd January, 2020

Gippsland produce is some of the best in the country, perhaps even the world, and in a collaborative effort to grow awareness of that to both local and international consumers, plans are underway to establish a “Made in Gippsland / Grown in Gippsland “ provenance trust token.

Food & Fibre Gippsland will be hosting a workshop and discussion forum about how it can be created, managed, licensed and promoted at Narkoojee Winery next Wednesday the 29th of January. It follows on from previous consultations across the region and with other stakeholders.

Community, industry, government and research representatives are encouraged to attend to share ideas that contribute to a future where Gippsland produce is easily recognised and validated by a provenance trust token.

The workshop will discuss the large scope of work required to introduce this trust token, covering a range of issues including eligibility criteria, geographical indicators (GIs), validation, application and governance of how the trust token would be applied to products and packaging, how to promote it, and how it will align with other state and national strategies.

With the food & fibre sector in Gippsland worth $7 billion to the local economy, F & FG Acting CEO Dr Nicola Watts is confident that a provenance trust token will be a popular and trusted endorsement with produce buyers, small and large retailers and consumers, both here in Australia and overseas.

“Whether it’s beef, dairy, lamb, vegetables, fruit, wine, beer or wool, increasingly, consumers want more detailed information about where it’s from and how it’s been grown or produced so they can make informed choices about their purchases “she said.

“Provenance is all about knowing where your food or fibre product has come from, and through a Made in Gippsland or Grown in Gippsland trust token the authenticity of Gippsland products can be validated “

“By providing Gippsland producers with an easily recognisable “Made in Gippsland or Grown in Gippsland” trust token that validates where the product has come from, we can communicate that background information and build deeper connection to the quality of the region’s produce, ultimately contributing to an ongoing increase in demand for Gippsland products “.

In the longer term there could be many positive benefits of collaboratively using a provenance trust token for businesses who are already exporting or planning to export in the future, as well as those who supply multiple layers of local, interstate or national markets around Australia.

“At a local level, as Gippsland communities rebuild from the recent bushfires, there will be an ongoing need for Gippslanders to be supporting their local producers from the region “Dr Watts said.

“To have a recognised trust token that makes that local produce easy to select has the potential to support the collaborative effort to strengthen local economies in both the short and long term” she concluded.

Food & Fibre Gippsland is supported by Food Innovation Australia Limited’s (FIAL) national cluster programme, and this workshop is one of many initiatives and projects focused on the common goal of growing the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.

If you would like to join the Gippsland Provenance Trust Token conversation, participation in the workshop and discussion forum is free, but registrations are essential.

The workshop will go from 9:45 to 2:30pm with lunch and refreshments provided.

Head to to secure your place in the Made In Gippsland / Grown in Gippsland Provenance Trust Token workshop by Friday 24 January.