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Malaysia Market Intelligence for Exporters

   Wednesday 17th February, 2021

An online forum for Exporters will be held next Thursday 25th February to share detailed insights on the Malaysian market.

Food & Fibre Gippsland encoruages businesses in the region who are currently exporting, or thinking about expanding into export, to attend this forum as part of our SME Export Support Program.

Malaysia is the 4th largest economy in Southeast Asia and the nation's GDP is forecast to increase by about 9% in 2021 in the post-pandemic global economic recovery.

Consumers in this key Asian market with growing affluence are seeking healthy, all natural and high quality products. Australian food and agribusinesses are well placed to meet Malaysia's growing demand.

Join this online forum to hear detailed insights on the Malayasian market and tip on how to establish a sustainable export business.

Topics covered will include:

  • Economic overview
  • Demographic overview
  • Consumer trends
  • Channel trends
  • Category trends
  • Competitor overview
  • Expert In-Market Panel Discussion

The combined experience and of the expert panel is

Registrations close on Wednesday 24th February - and are essential !

It's quick and easy to register - just click here