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   Thursday 11th April, 2019

The Food and Fibre Sector in Gippsland has been identified by government and stakeholders as a future priority industry, and in a report released this week, the delivery of six capability platforms has been earmarked as a vital component in achieving aspirational growth targets in the region.

The findings and recommendations of a discussion paper prepared by KPMG titled “Accelerating Growth for Gippsland’s Food and Fibre Industry” will be showcased at the official launch of Food & Fibre Gippsland this Friday 12 April at Farm World.

The capability platforms include; positioning food & fibre as the backbone of Gippsland’s economy, transforming the sector’s innovation ecosystems, developing future industries, connecting Gippsland, sustainable energy, land use and water as well as attracting and cultivating talent and leadership for the industry.

Food & Fibre Gippsland Co-Deputy Chair, Stuart Quigley said the report covers a wide spectrum of issues.

“It puts the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities for growth, it gives industry stakeholders a clear view of the six enabling platforms identified and it establishes a great foundation for action to really make some in-roads on accelerating growth across Gippsland’s Food and Fibre sector ‘” he said.

“We would like to acknowledge Gippsland Regional Partnerships and Regional Development Victoria for providing the financial support to enable this report to be prepared “he said.

Fellow co-deputy chair, Andrew Bulmer describes the report as a large component of the bigger picture of continuous collaboration, innovation and engagement that enables the sector to thrive and move forward.

“It is our vision that this paper, combined with all the other great work already being done in the region, will be a strong catalyst to develop an on-going list of deliverable projects that contribute to a sustainable and profitable food and fibre sector “Mr Bulmer said.

“Together with all our stakeholders, members, industry, government and research partners, Food & Fibre Gippsland is focused on supporting the sector to evolve further as the economic engine that drives the region” he said.

Both Mr. Quigley and Mr. Bulmer encourage Gippslanders to read and review the discussion paper, and as always Food & Fibre Gippsland welcomes inquiries, questions, feedback or suggestions.

“We continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to keep our members and the success of the industry as a whole, at the heart of everything we do” they said.

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