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CEO UPDATE - Our Work with Cooperative Research Centres

   Wednesday 11th November, 2020

CRC’s (Cooperative Research Centres) are an important component of what F&FG does to extend its engagement in projects, research, education, and industry knowledge dissemination.

We have a diverse range of work and activity currently underway with some of Australia's leading CRC’s - here's an update of what's happening.

Food & Fibre Gippsland is a partner in the recently launched Food Agility CRC program “Mission Food for Life” which is a $10M initiative bringing together a consortia to create new data-driven solutions that help the agrifood industry to rebound quickly, reinvent business models and build resilience.

The campaign has 3 phase of focus being;

(1) Identify critical supply chain intervention points;

(2) Create data-driven tools to support resilient businesses and communities and;

(3) Build connected, trusted supply chains via data and digital.

You can read more on this exciting campaign here

I am a panel member at an upcoming National Economic Development conference, speaking on Smart Regional Specialisation – Aligning Research, Industry and Government to Increase System Resilience and Build Scale in Global Markets for Value Added Goods, with the panel hosted by Mike Briers, CEO of Future Food Systems CRC.

Food & Fibre Gippsland is an active participant in Future Food Systems CRC and is looking forward to developing more project collaborations over the coming year.

You can read more about the Future Food Systems CRC here

Continuing as an active participant with the Fight Food Waste CRC, we have been engaging with their Industry Hub on presentations around learning and training using F&FG’s Knowledge Economy & Digital Innovation platform - you'll be able to check out more details on this in our soon to be released Annual Report.

F&FG look forward to engaging further with Fight Food Waste on exciting projects F&FG are currently doing some early and exploration work on, including regional waste trading and explorations in packaging opportunities for the food sector.

Fight Food Waste have some fantastic campaigns that are highly active with consumers and industry alike, all working towards reducing the 30% food waste challenge that our planet faces.

Take a look at what they are doing here

We'll continue to keep you updated as our work with these CRC's for the ongoing benefit of the food & fibre sector across the entire region.

Nicola Pero