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Extreme weather conditions for East Gippsland

  December 30th, 2019

( Information copied from Vic Emergency) There are three significant fires burning in the forest in East Gippsland near Bruthen, Buchan and Bonang. It is likely that these fires will impact communities today (Monday 30th January ) when the weather is forecast to be very hot, dry and with strong gusty winds.

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Ending 2019 on a high !

  December 20th, 2019

Food & Fibre Gippsland is ending the year on a high with many milestones and results to show for the collaborative work undertaken in partnership with members, industry partners, researchers, educators and communities.

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Team connects over a spread of Gippsland produce

  December 18th, 2019

Food unites people. And starts conversations. Our Operations Team ( unfortunately minus one Julian Hill on the day ) united over Gippsland produce this week to reflect on the year’s project achievements and milestones- and look ahead to an exciting 2020, inspired by the encouraging and empowering leadership of Dr Nicola Watts.

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The Barrel Room set to be a new "must-do" in East Gippsland

  December 13th, 2019

East Gippsland has added another foodie delight destination to its list, with the Barrel Room at the Nicholson River Winery set to be popular spot to take in a beautiful view whilst enjoying a glass of wine from a vineyard that's been around since 1978!

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Traineeship Opportunities in 2020

  December 11th, 2019

f you're an employer looking to introduce some trainees into your business in 2020 - we'd like to help you! Or if you're a young person looking for a start and a career in Gippsland's food and fibre sector in 2020 - we'd like to help you too!

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Building relationships in South Gippsland

  December 6th, 2019

Gippsland is a diverse and large region that from end to end is about an eight hour drive – and to put it in perspective, when you’re on the Princes Highway and you go past the sign for Lindenow in East Gippsland, you’re at the half way mark! This does not deter us in getting out and about though, with the Food & Fibre Gippsland Operations Team regularly meeting face to face with people all over the region.

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Meet the Member - South Gippsland Dairy

  December 6th, 2019

For the family owned South Gippsland Dairy, the last three years has been all about finding different ways of doing business in the industry. Neil and Shelley Walker took over the farm from Neil’s parents 25 years ago, and after close to 10,000 early mornings spent milking, they decided to diversify whilst still continuing to provide milk to a multi-national processor.

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Craft Malting Opportunities discussed for Gippsland

  November 22nd, 2019

Craft brewing is a growth industry in Australia, and Gippsland is playing a part in that growth with the region currently home to 13 microbreweries, all producing varieties and ranges with their own unique characteristics, ingredients and flair.

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