Excellence in Agribusiness Awards

Food & Fibre Gippsland proudly presents

Excellence in Agribusiness Awards
An Awards program to recognise, celebrate and reward collaboration and innovation.

The winners of the 2020 Awards program have been announced !

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Entries for the 2021 Excellence in Agribusiness Awards will open in March-April 2021, in the meantime, here's some information about the program.

The Excellence in Agribusiness Awards are a Gippsland region-based Awards program to recognise, celebrate and reward collaboration and innovation. The competition adopts a two-tiered approach with three premier awards, Agribusiness of the Year, Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year, Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year followed by a range of thirteen awards across the entire food and fibre supply chain.

The judging panel assess submissions taking into account the following key criteria: Collaboration and Innovation, Operational Excellence, Environment and Sustainability Awareness, Community Engagement, Capability and Development.

A shortlist of finalists has been announced and those finalists are having further onsite interviews and questions with the judges. The judging panel will aim to identify the entrants and subsequent winners that:

a) can display strongest track record

b) can present clear strategy for the future of their agribusiness.

A high-profile industry Awards Presentation event to announce the winners has been re-scheduled to Friday November 20. Organisers are working on event concepts that can be adaptable to COVID-19 conditions. More details to come !

The broad Awards program crosses all food and fibre sectors to recognise farm businesses (pre and post farmgate) that have demonstrated innovation/excellence and business practices that maximise productivity and profitability – shaping the future of Gippsland agribusiness.

The Awards are critiqued by an independent high calibre judging panel comprising of business leaders who have a broad understanding of food & fibre and business management. The Awards program has created a framework to tell our Gippsland story, position our agribusinesses as leaders in Australia and beyond and encouraged important dialogue to improve collaboration within the sector.


Award Categories - winners will be given two tickets to attend Global Table, Melbourne.

Agribusiness of the Year - KPMG Agri-Food Tech Traction Tour 7 day international tour, valued at $15,000 (location and 2021 date at discretion of KPMG and F&FG)

Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year - TRAIL course run by Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, valued at $10,450 (location and date at discretion of ARLF and F&FG)

Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year – Women in Leadership program run by Leadership Victoria, valued at $6,000 (location and date at the discretion of Leadership Victoria and F&FG)

Awards Program Timeframe

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March / April 2021

Entries Open ( exact timeframe TBC)

July/ August/ September 2021

Judging Process / On site Visits where possible and permissable in COVID-19 restrictions

November/December 2021

Awards Presentation

Award Categories


Agribusiness of the Year
This Award is the centrepiece and highest accolade of the Awards program. The prize is a scholarship to attend KPMG’S Agri-Food Tech Traction Tour – a 7 day international tour that will offer an opportunity to access unique insight to emerging agribusiness technology from leading agri-food locations around the world. (valued at $15,000).

Prize Partner: KPMG

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Gippsland Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year
This Award recognises an agribusiness leader in the region who is 35 years or younger and who has achieved excellence in their field and demonstrated leadership, courage, passion and foresight while contributing to the agribusiness industry and region. The prize is the opportunity to complete a Training Rural Australians In Leadership (TRAIL) course run by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (valued at $10,450).

Prize Partner: Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Leadership Victoria

Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year
This Award recognises a female Gippsland leader who has achieved excellence in her field and demonstrated leadership, courage, passion and foresight while contributing to the agribusiness industry and region. The recipient will take part in the Women’s Leadership Program run by Leadership Victoria (valued at $6,000).

Prize Partner: Leadership Victoria

Agriculture Victoria

Excellence in Service to the Food & Fibre Industry
This Award recognises an individual service provider within the Gippsland region that has provided outstanding performance or volunteer work. (i.e. vet, mechanic, agronomist, specialist, consultant).

Bass Coast Shire

Excellence in Sustainability
This Award recognises sustainable farming practices, methods and water usage techniques that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for the local region.

Baw Baw Shire Council

Excellence in Workforce Capability
This Award recognises companies that are striving to be an employer of choice through proactive retention, improving talent and delivering capability. The agribusiness also has a strong focus on positive workplace culture and is working with local communities and education providers to source and train local workers for local jobs.

Commonwealth Bank

Excellence in Entrepreneurship
This Award recognises a single individual displaying entrepreneurial spirit, vision and innovation to develop and drive a unique and successful thriving service, business, product or outcome.


Excellence in Food & Drink Manufacturing (> 10 employees )
This Award recognises medium-large food and drink companies located in Gippsland that have delivered the best manufacturing returns for the business, their customers and potentially the wider industry.

East Gippsland Shire Council

Excellence in Fibre Industry
This Award recognises agribusinesses that produce timber, wool or hemp and/or create related products (including packaging) while demonstrating sustainable resourcing, excellence and innovation.

Federation University

Excellence in Research & Development
This Award recognises an individual or team that have conducted progressive research and development which contributes, benefits and has a wider impact on the local Gippsland region.

Latrobe City Council

Excellence in Small Food and Drink Manufacturing ( < 10 employees )
This Award recognises smaller food and drink companies that have delivered the best manufacturing returns for the business, their customers & potentially the wider industry.

National Australia Bank

Excellence in Innovation
This Award recognises agribusinesses that implement excellent use of technology, new business models or farming systems to improve efficiency and best practice for their operation.

South Gippsland Shire

Excellence in Exporting
This Award recognises the success of agribusinesses that have tapped into international market share by significant increase in product export or penetrated new export markets.

Southern Rural Water

Excellence in Safety
This Award recognises an agribusiness that promotes, protects and demonstrates best practice in health and safety in the workplace including compliance to standards, training, biosecurity and operational procedures.

TAFE Gippsland

Excellence in Collaborative Partnerships
This Award recognises agribusinesses that have joined forces, exchanged ideas and are working in ways that are more connected, sustainable and collaborative to facilitate innovation and therefore helping position Gippsland within the local and global food and fibre value chains.

Wellington Shire Council

Excellence in Adaption to Change
This Award recognises farming operations and local agribusinesses that have adapted to internal or external change, proven resilience and/or overcome environmental challenges such as drought, fire, pests and climate change.


Without the generous support of our proud partners and sponsors, Food & Fibre Gippsland would not be able to run such a successful Awards program.

We would like to thank and acknowledge:

Prize Sponsors

Award Sponsors




The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation delivers a range of development programs for current and future leaders in rural, regional and remote communities. Their programs give participants valuable opportunities to nurture, challenge and build upon their leadership skills with people from diverse regions and industries. They use experiential learning and comprehensive self-reflection to give participants an enhanced desire and the necessary skills to influence change in their communities.

ARLF programs include:

  • Australian Rural Leadership Program
  • TRAIL: Emerging Leaders Program
  • Agribusiness
  • Milparanga
  • Tailored, client-specific programs

Please visit their website for more information: https://rural-leaders.org.au


KPMG Agri-Food Tech Traction Tours are an opportunity for executives to access unique insight to emerging agri-food technology from leading agri-food locations around the world.

The tours are designed to open up exclusive insights and connect businesses and research entities with the intention to enable innovation deal flows and help leaders develop global mindsets. Before each tour we engage with interested participants to focus the program to meet their needs.

This in-market program is designed based on three key goals:

  • To demonstrate to tour participants organisations how governments, research institutions, public and private companies and startups in successful and high growth markets have developed their ecosystems and embraced disruptive technologies in agri-food production;
  • To create a network of willing and aligned leaders amongst the delegation to come back from the tour and drive different thinking and initiatives to accelerate collaboration and technology adoption across their local agri-food sector; and
  • Establish trade and knowledge relationships between organisations and countries

For more information please visit https://home.kpmg/au/en/home.html


Leadership Victoria is an innovative, independent social enterprise.
Their vision is for a better world, where everyone is able to exercise purposeful leadership and contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future.
They exist to inspire, connect and mobilise exceptional leaders, and their rich transformative learning experiences enable people to find their leadership purpose.

For more information on the Women in Leadership prize and Leadership Victoria’s other fabulous programs, please visit www.leadershipvictoria.org