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Food & Fibre Gippsland is committed to a common goal of continuing to build vibrant regional food and fibre systems that support sustainable growth.

Through networking, innovation and idea creation, it is envisaged that members across a broad range of businesses, can learn from each other and perhaps in many situations, see each other as collaborators, not competitors.

Membership of Food & Fibre Gippsland can give stakeholders across the entire ‘paddock to plate/ product’ and ‘fisher to fork’ spectrum the chance to better leverage each other’s strengths and resources to drive better outcomes for their own businesses as well as the sector as a whole. Sometimes opportunities and challenges are too big for one organisation to tackle alone !

We champion the efforts, successes, trials, product quality and learnings of all our members.

How to calculate your Food and Fibre Gippsland membership

NOTE: You may need to scroll the table below left/right for more information

Fees and Levies

Turnover Less than $5m per year

Less than 100 FTE with turnover between $5m & $20m per year

More than 100 employees and/or turnover >$20m

Membership fee




  • Levy for less than 4 Full time employees (FTE)




  • Levy for 4 -10 FTE


  • Levy for 11-20 FTE


  • Levy for 21-30 FTE


  • Levy for 31-40 FTE


  • Levy for 41-50 FTE


  • Levy for 51-60 FTE


  • Levy for 61-70 FTE


  • Levy for 71-80 FTE


  • Levy for 81-90 FTE


  • Levy for 91-100 FTE


Here is an easy example of how to calculate your Food & Fibre Gippsland membership.

If your business has 5 full time employees and your turnover is less than $5 million per year - then your membership fee is:

$50 (Joining Fee) +
$250 (Membership levy)
= $300 per year

As per the membership policy, memberships are due in January each year, so if you first join in August 2019, you will only pay a pro-rata amount, calculated like this :

$300 divided by 12 months = $25.00 per month
Membership period to pay - August to December = 4 months

2019 pro-rata membership would be $100 ( 4 months x $25 )

Your 2020 membership, payable in January 2020, would be $300.